It’s nice to meet you!

A few more things about me…

  • I am passionate about helping women and girls in any way possible.
  • FullSizeRenderI love God. He has never failed me and I love learning about His word.
  • I just graduated with my Bachelor’s degree in Social Science. `
  • I love to travel.  I took my first solo trip to Aruba in 2015 and it changed my life.
  • I love taking random photographs of places and people.
  • I was born in the Dominican Republic and raised in Puerto Rico.
  • The beach is my favorite place.
  • I love all things beauty.
  • My favorite season is fall, with summer being a strong second favorite.  I love the changes and beauty of a gorgeous red tree.
  • My friends are my extended family.
  • I’ve ran 4 half marathons. I absolutely love running.
  • I love the simple things in life.
  • I love art galleries.
  • I love reading.
  • I have a bucket list for everything.
  • Being single in my 30’s is harder than bathing a cat.
  • I have ADHD and have tried about a gazillion different new projects.
  • I am an artist at heart.

I hope you enjoy my blog!

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