… it sucks

I was 11… then when I was 18… then at 24… by this point I believed I deserved it.

Memories I wish I could erase.

Moments that shifted everything I believed about myself.

Experiences that made me believe, this is all I was good for…

Being a survivor of sexual violence is hard because not only do we fight internal battles, our ability to trust is gone…  because our lives were altered by something we did not  deserve…

When people take advantage of your space, your body, and your heart life no longer operates the same. People are no longer future friends, but strangers we need to protect ourselves from… Life is blurry and all sense of self is gone… it can take years to heal those wounds, but those wounds turn to scars. Scars that remind us of that moment, the smell, the fear, the shame…

Survivors of sexual violence are some of the strongest people I know… because  somehow they still find a way to move on, even in midst of pain. Some bury their hurt in silence while others face their pain by speaking up…

As a society… the worst thing we can do is shut down survivors with opinions. What we think they should’ve done, what they’ve should’ve wore, or even question why they allowed…. sigh. It needs to stop!

I encourage every woman who is a survivor to stand tall. You are stronger than you think, and he… he who tried to take your power, strength and beauty… he is a coward. One day… You will too find your strength, power, beauty and voice! Don’t give up. ♥️ #supportsurvivors

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